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What is M.Sheek?
Its slang: ( fabulous,hot,chic, sexy, classy,etc)
That dress is M.Sheek.


M.Sheek is a business under its parent company “Rain’s Dynasty Empire inc”. It celebrates the love of “FASHION” and all that associate with it. For example: music and fashion are associated with each other because a lot of rappers mention designer brands in their lyrics.


Blogs on the Lifestyle.Career.interviews of “Bosses” in the industry and more.
Is an online magazine that M.Sheek has created to represent the “Bosses” in the industry. Many think when you hear the word “Boss” that you look at these artists as Bosses because of their lifestyle and what they say in there songs. But anyone on the grind and has their own can be a Boss. This magazine is for the real “Bosses”. From Fashion Designers to Music Label Ceo’s. They are they real bosses and their blogs whether video,blog articles, or articles about them will prove it!

Dear Viewers:

I wanna thank you for taking the time out to see my online magazine, which will be in print as well in the near future. I wanted to do do something different. But give something appealing to the viewers. Thank you to those who have participated in this. I want to dedicated this magazine to you. This is all about you and the hard work you put into doing what you do.You are a “Boss”.

xoxo Mz. Rain
The Jackie Onassis of M.Sheek(First Lady)


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